SPRUE CUTTERS UNION #18 - Inspiration

Decisions, decisions...

Inspiration, this is a bit of a tough one to pinpoint. I have to admit the way my next subject meets the bench is varied. Sometimes I'll see a movie or TV show which leads me to a strong desire to build the ship in that sci-fi classic or WWII combat vehicle. Other times, I want to do a build to commemorate a special anniversary, like Lamborghini's 50th or Alfa's 100th, both which made me want to complete my Miura an Giulietta Sprint GTA by the end of the year (and both which are previous on-the-shelf builds). Aston Martin celebrated their centenary and I have a beautiful Tamiya DBS sitting in my stash. Other instances, I'm flipping through the pages of a model magazine and I see a build that catches my attention. Then as the year draws closer to an end, I'm inspired to get as many in-progress builds completed before the new year, hoping the number of completed builds is greater than the previous year. And of course there are new releases, which have the power to make me forget everything. As soon as the box arrives, I have glue and x-acto in-hand and I just can't help myself, further motivated at a chance to be the first to post it on an online build

Like I said, it's a tough call to pin down what inspires my next build, doesn't matter too much as long as I get to put glue to plastic. _pL

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  1. Yes those dreaded new releases are always a trap....it's just not fair really.

  2. And there are so many goo releases. Hard to say 'no' to a lot of them! Being someone who likes different genres doesn't help either...loL. Will you be building the (stupidly named but gorgeous) LaFerrari by Tamiya?

    Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Oh i am sure i will get my hands on one at some stage......how can you say no to a Ferrari????