SPRUE CUTTERS UNION #15 - What do you think makes an outstanding model?

Learned a lot on this build.

I've been at this hobby for quiet some time now and I'm happy with the level I'm at and that I enjoy building just about anything. And there are times when I see other builder's work and I just get blown away!

For me building scale models or like everything else I do, whether it's a piece in the wood shop or a graphic design layout on the computer, it's all about practicing my craft - and constantly pushing it, improving it. I know we all get stuck on mega builds: determining accuracy, adding every minute detail via photo-etch and scratch-building. But the more I visit forums and experience the build through the modeller's words and photos, the more I enjoy and appreciate this hobby. And sometimes I learn something new along the way or can offer some advice.

An outstanding model for me is the experience the builder has, trying something new or different during the build: maybe it's working with photo-etch for the first time, or building in a different scale, working with pigments or attempting their first diorama. Anyone can build a kit in a day but taking the time to learn new methods, adding to their skill-set and thus improving their craft - that takes dedication and a touch of bravery. As time goes on, the builder can carry out what they've learned on the next build, refine it and accomplish it more efficiently, making way for something new. Sometimes it does not work out and we get discouraged, but we eventually find ourselves back at the workbench. It took me forever to get a metallic finish on a car body right, a lot of experimentation, stripping and re-coating but eventually I got it right. And following other builds, reading about their experiences, is a great source of inspiration and keeps me going.  

So for me, the learning and experimenting aspect of the build is what I think makes for an outstanding model. The journey along the way rather than the destination, is what I appreciate the most about this hobby and those builders who put glue to plastic! _pL

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  1. Good point of view! A good model is the journey taken to achieve it. Welcome to the Union!

  2. Cheers mate! Happy to be here and thanks for setting this up for all of us. Hope you had a good build wkd :) _pL

  3. Enjoyable read pL and yes each build is a journey for us all, as long as we all get a happy ending!!!
    Cheers, Shayne