Resurrection time

Tamiya BT-7
mr.BT-7 Resurrected
Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. But I am happy to say that the Nissan 350Z was finished some time ago but have been waiting for a new camera to come in so I can post a decent pic. Sadly since then I haven't had a chance to sit at my workbench in what feels like a long time but things have settled some. And though I am a little short of my 12 models in a year, one can't argue that any number completed is better then none. I'm hoping the third victim to see completion is Tamiya's BT-7, which went together really quickly but those pesky finishing touches had put the project on hold. But over the weekend I cleared the dust off the case and made some progress: the tracks were permanently glued on, the turret top received a new coat of paint followed by weathering, while a water bucket and some homemade field blankets with straps were added to the crew's equipment. Just waiting on some fuel/ oil cans to arrive in the mail and I can have this baby wrapped up! _pL