Quality Time


I finally made some time and had a date with my airbrush today :) _pL


Soviet Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98

Mr.Russian Snow sled

Dropped by the local hobbyshop the other day and as usual came home with something: Trumpeter's Soviet Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98 and at under $10 it was a steal - and what an interesting subject! The box contents come complete with two figures in winter gear, die-cut acetate for the windshield and headlamp, decals for one vehicle and a PE fret containing two gun sites. Instructions are straight forward and the inclusion of a full color painting guide is a nice touch. Though packed with detail and a decent parts count, I think this would make for a great weekend project. Maybe deciding what to work on next will be a very easy choice indeed! _pL


The big Q?


This is some plastic that I've been working on - rather, been sitting on. Like many other projects, the BT-7 started strong, but due to something called "l i f e", my little tank has been ignored for the last little while. I think it's been almost four months since I've spent serious time at the workbench or come close to gluing my fingers together! 
I am hoping this hiatus will come to an end next week, and then the big question of what to work on will inevitably come up. The BT-7 is maybe 3~6 hours away from being completed, but then there is that Y-Wing, and the photo-etch for the Mk.VII Viper just came in via Starshipmodeler, or maybe...? _pL


The plastic abyss


Here is a pic of the abyss that is my closet chuck full of kits and kits and kits. And tucked under my bed are more kits! And in-between stacks of magazines are... you guessed it: more kits! It seems like an infestation... a good infestation that is! I’m sure you all have a stash like this and it’s okay - at least we know we’ll never be bored...lol. The boys at the local hobby shop usually ask me what I’m working on, which is quickly followed up with “have you finished anything yet?”. I simply laugh it off as it’s all in good fun and then quickly head home to open my new purchase! _pL


And so it begins!

And so it begins!
So, this is the very 1st entry of mr.Blog! First a little about myself! I’ve been working on models for the last 20 years, now I wish I could say I have twenty years worth of finished pieces but we all know how it is: 1 finished for every 7 bought...lol? I have to admit though, when the hobby bug bit, it bit me hard. I enjoy building a lot of different genres: military, automotive, sci-fi and aircraft. Each genre has a specific technique and some cross over - and I enjoy the challenge of that. I’m hoping to be launching a website soon showcasing some of the finished pieces and the ones that are currently on the bench. So stay tuned! _pL