The big Q?


This is some plastic that I've been working on - rather, been sitting on. Like many other projects, the BT-7 started strong, but due to something called "l i f e", my little tank has been ignored for the last little while. I think it's been almost four months since I've spent serious time at the workbench or come close to gluing my fingers together! 
I am hoping this hiatus will come to an end next week, and then the big question of what to work on will inevitably come up. The BT-7 is maybe 3~6 hours away from being completed, but then there is that Y-Wing, and the photo-etch for the Mk.VII Viper just came in via Starshipmodeler, or maybe...? _pL


  1. Nice work brah. What's left to do? Can't wait until it's done next year.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully it will be completed before 2012...lol (famous last words) _pL