Let the games begin!

ms.Classic Enterprise

So 2012 is now behind us and how did the 12 for 12 go? A quick recap on that: my initial plan at the beginning of 2012 was to complete a model a month. This goal did seem feasible as I was moving to a new city and planned on taking a month or two off, which meant I had a chance of getting a good head start. Well, so I thought.

All in all I did complete four models. Probably four more than I would have had I not set my goal. Some of them had been sitting on the shelf for over three years! So NO, I'm not too gutted about not reaching my quota. Towards the end of the year things did get busy, especially since I was making xMas presents for family and close friends. Definitely happy to be busy making something and super thrilled to have completed my first project out a woodshop in over seven years!

2013 is now upon us. So, what's the plan? Well, my goal this year is to tackle some larger projects. A few of them have been collecting dust, including a couple of large scale Polar Lights Refit Enterprises, a 1:72 scale U-Boat by Revell, a MIG-29M and a 1:12 Shelby Mustang GT500.

 But I've begun the year with a biggy and one of the most anticipated kits of 2012 (for sci-fi geeks that is): Polar Lights large 1:350 Classic Enterprise from the original TV show! I'm happy to say she is well on her way and I will post an update soon enough. _pL