Interior Is On Its Way

Spent some time on the interior, which is very well detailed and comes with the option of both left and right hand drive dashboards. I had a heck of a time getting the decals for the instrument panel to sit and some did not make it intact but since the instrument binnacle is deep, it's not very noticeable. The seat color here is a little bright but I will go over it again with a slightly darker shade (meaning another masking session) and then tone it down further with an oil wash. I laid down flocking powder for the first time. Pretty easy process of painting on a layer of PVA glue and then covering this with flocking powder, in this case I used Midnight Black by KA Models. After a moment or two of drying, turn the flocked part over a piece of paper to collect whatever is excess, which can be put back in the container for the next project and bingo: a nice carpeted floor. It's a very quick process but the effect really adds a realistic touch to the interior. The interior will also sport some seat belt retainers made from styrene. _pL 

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