Weathering Stage

Mr.Weathering Station

It was a pretty productive weekend: I temporarily setup in the kitchen as the missus is currently working on her thesis and decided to give her the studio area until she's done. I have to admit it's not a bad compromise as I have lots of natural light coming in and within reach of copious amounts of coffee & beer! After a two week hiatus I finally began the weathering stage. I first sealed all the sub-assemblies with a satin clear coat I mixed from Tamiya acrylics. I was a little concerned with what wash I should use as I felt a black/sienna wash would look too strong on such a light colored paint scheme. I opted to go with a mix of Panzer Grey (P035) darkened with Russian Earth (P034) pigments by MIG Productions, which gave it the subtle grungy look that I was looking for. I then highlighted some areas with a darker shade and let it all dry. Strangely, even though I had protected the sub assemblies, I think the thinner I used weakened the plastic and partly due to my clumsiness some of the parts cracked or broke off, most notably three pieces of plumbing. I manage to find and glue one of the pipes back in place but the remaining two had to be remade from wire. I decided then and there to glue everything together (before anything else broke off!) and leave her be on the display stand. I have a few details to finalize and then I can put her to bed, stay tuned! _pL

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