Off To A Good Start: Main Colour Coats Are On

Mr.Hairspray Technique
The kit comes with a great set of decals including some very well rendered battle damage but I wanted to incorporate this by using paint and weathering techniques. I first laid down a base coat of XF-63 German Grey to create a blank canvas for the main color coats, which are Tamiya flat white for the front module and the engine caps while using off white by Mr.Hobby Colour for everything else - I really like the subtle contrast between the two. The colors were sprayed using my Badger 200NH in light coats, letting the German Grey show through to add some depth. I wanted the Y-Wing to look like it had logged a lot of combat hours and this was achieved by using the hairspray technique. It turned out really great, the paint was chipped away heavily on more exposed areas while fading the color on flatter surfaces. It looks well worn and it hasn't even received a wash yet - off to a great start! _pL

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  1. Looks great! Is the hairspray used like a masking fluid?